Prayer Warriors Needed!

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Prayers and Praises

  • Please prayfor a wife who is frustrated in her marraige. Her husband and her don't seem to be getting along lately. Pray for love, communication, and understanding in her marraige.
  • A sister wrote... "(Please pray) for my health and faith during this time. That I may have peace in my home and relationships."
  • a sister wrote: "My husband abandoned me. I'm disabled and not only love him but its been almost a week. I desperately need him to come home. We live in a remote area I have no friends here so no trasportation. His family is ripping us apart. I have asked God and belived that he will have the blinders removed and put things in order. God first then me then family.I know he will be back. Please just pray I hang in there can't eat or sleep need things starting to feel sick. Head hurts so much! Need Doc. Appt. Thank you all for praying much for praying God Bless."
  • A dear borther wrote.... "Please pray that My spiritual light will shine so bright that it would show and help bring Gods great love for all. Please pray for the safety of my family and friends according to his will. For I do believe that all things work together for good to them that love Lord."
  • Please pray that God will give me strength during trying times. I am back slidden and would like to return back to Christ.
  • Please help me pray for a school teacher that has undiagnosed stomach problems so she will be able to work this term. We need all the Christian teachers well & on the job.
  • A sister called with this request: "Please pray for my blood sugar issues and the resulting boils and shakes / tremors. Pray that the doctors will have insight on how to control or correct this situation."
  • Dear Sisiter Wrote: "Please pray for my mom and I as we are needing backup prayers combatting witchcraft in our neighborhood. The witchcraft comes in the form of strife, confusion, and high blood pressure and trouble with reading comprehension which is all caused by witchcraft. Also please pray for a friend who is having eye surgery and will be having a tumor removed and will be having another eye surgery. Thanks for your prayers and be blessed."
  • Pray for the son of a caller who is having a hard time finding a job. He is looking for direction in life, and is not able to quit smoking. Please pray for patience and wisdom for the mother and for guidance for the son.
  • Pray for a caller's friend who lost his job and is struggling to pay his bills. He is turning to alcohol to forget about life's issues. Pray that he will find employment and that he will find comfort in the Lord rather than looking elsewhere.

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